"Work Hard, Pray Hard is a great soldier's story of a stirring faith journey.  It's also an illuminating account of how to make faith a living thing with direct application to the trials and opportunities of daily life.

-Andrew J. Bacevich,
Professor of history and international relations emeritus
Boston University

It was a great and wise prophet who opined:  Four things supports the world:
The learning of the wise,
The justice of the great,
The prayers of the good,
The valor of the brave. In that I have lived and served with LTG Rick Lynch during the lions share of the past 30 years, I can both attest that he has lived his creed, and that he has carried the "blood stained banner" to lift, so that God may draw. Work Hard, Pray Hard is a brilliant yield by a phenomenal leader, trainer, mentor, and ambassador for Christ. 

-Barrye L. Price, Ph.D.
Major General, US Army (Retired)

We need Christian young people who will rise to leadership.  Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch’s book doesn’t just tell young people to be bold—it shows them how to do it.   Work Hard – Pray Hard is full of real life experiences that show that hard work and fervent prayer are important and are the keys to success.  It is also a heart-rending book, showing us the fragility of life and our need for faith.  Lt. Gen. Lynch is right on track that with hard work and a strong relationship with God, we can effect change not only in our lives, but also turn our entire Nation around.
-Drayton McLane, Jr.

Rick and Sarah have lived much of their lives in and around the crucible of war, experiencing tragedy, heart-break and injustice that would shatter the faith of the strongest.  Instead, their faith grew stronger.  In Work Hard Pray Hard we witness their faith in action and learn life-transforming lessons that equip us to fight the good fight, grow our personal faith and finish the race.
-Pete Geren
Former US Congressman and Secretary of the Army

“The sincere and inspiring counsel and wisdom throughout Work Hard, Pray Hard:  The Power of Faith in Action provide a timeless foundation of insight into the what it means to be not just a true leader, but a Godly leader.  I have already found myself returning to portions of the book as a resource in my own vocation, but also as I visit with others.  Perhaps one of the most salient quotes that sums up General Lynch’s masterful book is, “With God’s help, I was quickly able to overcome my limitations and become the leader I needed to be….,”

“Like a breath of fresh air, Rick Lynch opens up his life with great humility and honesty.  Taking his readers on his personal journey that included desperately dark days and wonderful silver linings, General Lynch reminds us that we are all leaders – and we are at our best when we allow that leadership to be empowered by the One Who created us, redeemed us, saved us and empowers us to be the soldiers of God we are called to be. 

“I heartily commend this book for leaders called to lead; and leaders who do not yet know they are!  It is a wonderful resource for young and old alike; and reminds us of the great joy there is in working hard and praying hard for the sake of the world for whom our Lord gave His life.”

-The Reverend Dr. Russell Levenson, Jr.
  Rector, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
  Houston, Texas

A thrilling account of a powerful spiritual journey.  As Rick Lynch recounts in humble transparency his spiritual discoveries and growth, I was drawn into each event and moment of insight as if it was my own.  Work Hard Pray Hard is a contemplative view of a child of God finding their place and purpose in creation and in the eyes of God.  A must read.
-Ray Bailey,
Brigadier General, US Army (ret), Deputy Chief of Chaplains

This testimonial gets 5 Stars for candor, and it reads very well.  It is unique in my experience in connecting a Soldier at war and in peace with his God.  Tie ins to  scripture with specific times and events in Rick Lynch's life are illuminating.  This book is NOT about judging others or their faith.  It took courage AND faith to write. 
-Paul E. Funk. LTG (R), EdD
 President and CEO
 The National Mounted Warfare Foundation


“I humbly come to you, not as a preacher, but a student of faith.”  These words launch Rick Lynch’s second offering, “Work Hard, Pray Hard”.  He bears his soul and shares his story in a way that invites the reader to look at their own values and actions.  Rick’s personal reflections point to faith in Jesus, service to others and an undying call to see prayer as a foundational element of the abundant life.  Lieutenant General Lynch is a Warrior and a man who is not afraid to admit his mistakes, limitations and his belief that it is God who brings the victory.  Buy the book and enjoy the journey. 
-Chaplain (Colonel) Mike Lembke, US Army (Retired).


In this book, General Lynch opens up his faith journey to us.  He shares the struggles of life and how his faith has grown as he found the inner peace that God desires for all His children.  He shares the faith of previous military leaders as well as how his faith guided him and gave him strength to face dangerous situations.  Our journey of faith is not easy and General Lynch is transparent about his journey as an encouragement for each of us.
-Dave Jung
Senior Pastor, Crown of Life Lutheran Church and School


Since first meeting Ricky Lynch, my life has not been the same. Rick has taught me that leading by example means living by example. And his simple message about the secret of life - Work Hard, Pray Hard, and his inspiring stories about how to live and lead in a world where faith based leadership is all too lacking, will absolutely change your life as well. I’m confident in saying that Rick Lynch has made Captain James Marsh very proud!
-Doug Harward
President and CEO  Training Industries Inc

Work Hard, Pray Hard is the account of this man’s life since putting God in control. It’s not just stories of how Gen. Lynch lived as he served our country in military service. It is the way he lives his life. This is the story of the man illustrated in fast moving, high action, thrillers paralleled by stories from the Holy Bible that have inspired and encouraged him. In the hours I have spent with Gen. Lynch the words “God has a plan” or “God is with us” are part of his daily vocabulary, not just words for this book. He hasn’t just written a book; he has lived this book. You will be inspired, encouraged, and challenged to a more purposeful life to be lived not being intimidated by the enemies that attack you, but rather “standing like a Stone Wall” staring them down to victory then giving God all the glory. A must read for all!
-Roger Lewis, pastor
LIFEchurh, North Richland Hills, TX

Through the faith journey of a decorated combat soldier, inspired by the spirit of Captain James Marsh, Live Hard Pray Hard is a roadmap for each of us, and our nation, in our journey toward humility, inner peace and faith.
-Former U.S. Congressman Chet Edwards
 W.R. Poage Distinguished Chair in Public Policy, Baylor University

"Rick Lynch's new book may save your life! Stress can be the kiss of death...Christian faith heals.  Each action chapter is grounded in scripture, points you in the right direction, and comes alive with the personal witness of this American centurion."
-James Campbell Quick, Distinguished University Professor
 The University of Texas at Arlington, author of
 Preventive Stress Management in Organizations, Second Edition (American Psychological Association)

"With simplicity, grace and candor, Rick Lynch's Work Hard, Pray Hard is a powerful guide -- through faith in God -- for living with purpose and meaning. By combining lessons learned from a career in the military and beyond with Biblical truths, the retired 3 Star General offers both compelling encouragement and motivation for us all."
Jim Spaniolo
Former President, University of Texas at Arlington
President and CEO, North Texas Chamber of Commerce

Work Hard – Pray Hard is a glimpse into Gen. Lynch’s journey from passive believer, to active believer, to strong proponent of Christianity.  Rick's brutally honest discussion of his personal trial and tribulations is one that every reader can connect with and fill in with their own experiences.  
A moving and touching book that should cause all to stop, think and reevaluate their own relationship with God.

-Bob Jansen
 President and CEO, Zensights

Rick has an uncanny storytelling ability that allows the reader to relate to him on a personal level and grasp the essence of what is truly important in life. His experience and wisdom come through in his words. This powerful and insightful collection of questions and lessons will guide the reader to improved professional and personal success!"
-Jorgen Pedersen
 President and CEO, RE2

The power of putting God first in our lives and then living out our faith walk daily can be challenging. “Work Hard Pray Hard: The Power of Faith in Action”, provides a real world framework that will bring you closer to God and will equip you to be the Leader God has called you to be.  The book is both instructional and inspiring! It’s a must read…”
-John Arena
Vice President and General Manager
US Psychiatry


As you work hard to execute your life, there are all these questions, doubts and opinions about any journey you may have with God. Why it matters?, how to start?, why continue?, how I’m doing?….. Rick Lynch shares his journey through the eyes and mind of a Lieutenant General, a father, a husband and a friend. As he shares his direct application of unique thought and reason, you will gain valuable guidance and indeed your journey may become a bit quicker, as mine has. He has been through it all!
Troy Takach
President & CEO, Kairos Autonomi.

Work hard, pray hard is a wonderful account how God wants all of us to do just that. This books inspires us all to follow faith with works. The bible teaches us all “faith without works is dead”.  This book shares stories of just how that works!  
-Dan Wallrath
Founder/President Operation Finally Home

General Rick Lynch's new book highlights one of his sources of strength: His personal relationship with God.  Throughout the book Rick gives the reader detailed insights (thru personal stories and historical and biblical examples) as to how best to strengthen that so very important relationship.  Exactly what our nation needs during these difficult times.
-Gary Sinise
Actor and founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation

“Rick Lynch is an accomplished military leader.  He is also a man of great faith.  In his first book Adapt or Die, he talked about the role of faith in his own leadership experience.  In Work Hard, Pray Hard he opines that we are all leaders and expands on the opportunities we all enjoy should we care to take advantage.  An essential read for anyone of faith, or anyone looking for some.” 
GEN(R) Scott Wallace

“The Power of Faith in Action” is not just a tagline for this thoughtful spiritual journey. What has touched me personally are the examples of struggle and light. St. John of the Cross wrote about the “dark night of the soul” and the saving grace of prayer to strengthen, endure and grow. What is remarkable about “Work Hard, Pray Hard” is the intimacy as well as the universality of what is revealed through both the battlefields of combat and life. As a meditation and a song of gratitude, this book shares lessons from dark nights and the power of Divine love.
Dr. Mary Keller
President and CEO, Military Child Education Coalition

--An engrossing and enlightening memoir, Work Hard Pray Hard is the very personal account of Lt Gen (ret) Rick Lynch's spiritual journey.  Set against the narrative of his remarkable military career, the author introduces himself as a 'student of faith' but by the end proves himself a worthy instructor.  Highly recommended!—
DB Sweeney, actor

"Inner peace - if you are looking for the peace that transcends all understanding, start by reading this book. The path is outlined and all it will take is your time and dedication to action. General Lynch tells his story in such an open, honest and interesting way  that you feel like you know him and you realize you can find that inner peace - he helps you see it is attainable!"
Sharon Clarke
Chief Commerical Officer, Tris Pharmaceuticals



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